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My name is Stephen Vickers. At the start of 2020 I was learning about restoring old Spectrum computers. I came across a way to test the 4164 memory chips using an Arduino with a breadboard, and lots of wires.

So I made my first memory tester, it was very messy, but worked great.

Then I decided to learn about the process of designing and making my own PCB. I learned a-bit of Kicad and created a PCB for my memory tester breadboard.

When ordering the PCB to be made, I decided to have 10 PCBs made up, as it was barely any more money than having just 1 made.

Once the first 10 PCBs arrived I quickly made up a 4164 memory tester board, realized I had a track error. After fixing the track error with a jumper wire and a track cut, the 4164 memory tester PCB was complete.

The board worked great, but I had 9 more spare PCBs! So I made another board up and listed it for sale, and it sold within a couple of days.

I soon had sold all of the remaining 9 PCBs, and had made back a-lot more money than it had cost me to make the original board.


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